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Here at Kaeden Property, we strive to understand your way of living, your wants and how you envision your dream home to be. They can be luxurious condominiums with unique layouts in the coveted District 10, cozy waterfront luxury villas in Sentosa Cove or a  luxury penthouse with breathtaking views in the central area surrounded by vibrant city life. It could even be a spacious landed property with a garden all to yourself, or a cozy HDB flat that you want to own with your partner. We want you to know that the home is all about you, and what you envision it to be. 

Our team under Kaeden Property believes that a luxury home conceptualises and represents your way of living, your choice and how you want to be represented. We promise to take your preferences seriously and offer you the best luxury homes that lives up to your expectations. Such a service is what we strive to always provide at no cost and no obligation - and this is how we excel and keep our passion in this niche industry.

How can we achieve that? Our luxury homes finding services has had a proven track record. Our team has been working with a myriad of affluent clients worldwide and we know what are the various restrictions and limitations that comes with different subset of clients.

  • Unsure of which HDB grants to apply or you are eligible for? We can handle it.

  • Unsure how to calculate your mortgage loan according to your salary and savings? We can settle it.

We understand that efficiency is key - your time is valuable to us and we will only propose to you the best of the best. We won’t waste your time with properties that don’t live up to your standards. 

Buying and investing in properties in Singapore can be difficult, but trust us that we will find you the dream house you envision here in Singapore, with the least amount of stress and the best terms possible. Sit back and relax while we put in the work for you. 



KaedenProperty - Negotiation With Seller

With Singapore as ranked as the second priciest housing market worldwide, it is no wonder that buying a home in Singapore is one of the most crucial purchases most people will make. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you commence negotiations:

1. Check your eligibility 

Do understand that there are a few restrictions for certain apartments and condominiums, which you need to be aware of before you make your purchase. For one, foreigners can only purchase private properties, and would require government approval before buying landed properties like bungalows. And to purchase private property, the minimum legal age would be 21 years old as well. 

If you are unsure, you can contact us for more details as we tailor the options for you based on your background and housing preferences. 

2. Be prepared

Proper background work is half the battle won when it comes to property negotiations. Be prepared to do research on the housing market within the district and area. Seek out the prices of similar units and create a range of prices you are willing to accept, and negotiate from there. Other key questions to ask yourself would include:

I. What are the homeowner’s reason for selling? Find out if the reasons for them moving out was because they want a home upgrade or if they found the property undesirable. If so, you may want to consider if the undesirable elements are significant for you as well - after all, an inconvenience for someone else may not be so for you.

II. Is this a new property launch or has it been available in the market for a period of time? If it has been around for a considerable amount of time, check if there are any signs of wear and tear, or if the upcoming developments in the area are satisfactory.

III. How much did the seller pay for the home compared to the current market price? If the seller had bought it during the peak period, he may be unwilling to reduce it to the current market price. Also, find out why the property price rose or fell. Was it due to a new MRT line in the area, or due to a closure of a shopping mall nearby?

IV. Other details matter as well - what is the seller’s time frame for selling and moving? Will you be able to adhere to those conditions? Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may also arise and you may find yourself moving in later than expected or met with other conditions. (E.g. Repair and maintenance longer than expected) Be prepared for such situations and always ensure that you have considerable buffer time before moving in.

3. Establish your own timeline

As a potential buyer, keep the negotiations advantageous to your own circumstances by revealing as little information about yourself as possible. If possible, do not appear too overly eager to purchase or move into the property, as it will expose your interest and reduce the willingness of the seller to reduce their selling price. 

Following the same line of thought, refrain from letting your seller know your annual income, the maximum price you are willing to pay and other such sensitive information. This is to refrain from letting the seller having a better gauge of how to negotiate with you to have a stronger bargaining position over you. Also, when meeting with the seller or listing agent, keep your emotions in check.

In addition, find out as much information about the seller as possible. If the seller is in need of funds and wishes to have the sale closed as soon as possible, know that you would have a higher bargaining power and be confident in demanding for a more attractive price. 

4. Take your time to think it through

Good things come to those who wait - do not be rushed or pressured into making the purchase if you do not feel good about certain aspects of it. If unsure, you can always contact us to discuss about the other possibilities, and know that there is no such thing as satisficing for a less than ideal home from your dreams. 

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