VVIP Client Care Network

What is our VVIP CLient care network?

Our VVIP Client Care Network is a curated and exclusive network of everything you will need to make informed investment and other property related choices. Valued clients are welcome to join our network to enjoy our advisory services, where we provide premium content on luxury properties, developer starbuys, property insider information, good buys to consider, firesale buys to look out for and most importantly, a one to one customized client care plan.

If you are part of this exclusive network, it will be our pleasure to link you up with relevant consultant advisors, finance advisories, so that your time can be saved by consulting these professionals on issues that matter. 

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As our valued client, we aim to provide you with an integrated financial plan customised for you and your needs or preferences.

We will uphold our promise that there is absolute confidentiality in your information and there shall not be any carrier or product bias.

Due diligence will also be carried out consistently to ensure all investments made are sound and safe for you to place your funds in. 

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We will ensure that as buyers, you will not be overwhelmed by the different pricing information from various platforms. We will be the ones sieving out the relevant information that matters to you, especially for you. The same goes for sellers, where there is no need to reach out to many agents and research extensively to get a better picture of your selling prospects - we are the ones doing this for you. 

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We will be the ones to discern for you what is relevant and that what reaches you are facts and not merely opinions. Our own curated advice shall be backed by facts and substantiated with data generated and researched by our dedicated team. 

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We take our clients’ needs very seriously and we value the trust and relationship we have built with you. We will constantly strive to optimize and shortlist you options that you would prefer and they will certainly be true to their online description. We will also supply you with a selection of discrete properties that are otherwise not openly available or widely advertised on the internet. 


 Curated content via one point of contact

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Instead of contacting numerous parties and risk miscommunication, we will be the ones scheduling curated content updates and meetups according to your schedule and itinerary.

They will all come together to ensure that you will have only one point of contact.


efficient use of your time

Time Is Money

Time Is Money

We promise to plan ahead efficiently such that we can create a well thought-of itinerary and schedule for you. We will conduct the background research work and the preliminary check to ensure that what you see are the best options available. Such information does not only come from the selling agent, but also from our own extensive research techniques as well.

When you think of working with us, you can imagine the whole process as stress-free as possible where you just sit back and relax in the most positive experience possible. We will be the one clearing obstacles for you so that you can avoid possible landmines or difficulties that may emerge due the process of acquiring a property or investing in Singapore.


Maximise the price potential of your property

Worry not when you have found the property that meets your expectations - we will be the ones to negotiate and complete the buying process for you. We will arrive at the most attractive price possible for your property such that you can get the best deal out of it. We will also guide you through the subsequent conveyancing process, in a step-by-step manner so that you will never feel overwhelmed.

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Our services doesn’t stop there as well. Our assistance extends to any post-sale advice you may need from us, since clients’ needs are our priority. The client relationship we have built with you is something we value greatly, and this is testified by how many of our clients are extended from referrals from our other clients that has previously used our service.